Bank Process Improvements

Immediately Usable Excel & Word Templates for Business Process Improvement!

We have developed a work flow improvement program for banks and their corporate customers.

It is based on the renowned Kaizen process by which work teams are empowered to improve processes by eliminating seven types of waste:

1) Mistakes & defects
2) Overproduction of goods & services not demanded by actual customers
3) Inventories and stacks of paper awaiting processing
4) Unnecessary processing
5) Unnecessary movement of employees
6) Unnecessary transport of goods or paper
7) Waiting for an upstream process to deliver

Templates and on-line training
everything your people need to dramatically improve ANY business process

Of particular interest to banks will be...

1) The Functional Flow Chart and Process Design Matrix - to visually depict and design processes that cross functional departments.

(Think credit approval, period-end close, and every other process that involves more than one person...)

2) The Kaizen templates - providing everything you need to get started with organizing your people into Kaizen Teams for Continuous Improvement.

(Kaizen is the Japanese word for "continuous improvement", made famous by the Toyota company. Kaizen Continuous Improvement methods are largely credited for much or most of the productivity increases in the manufacturing world in the past 20 years, and are just now beginning to be discovered and applied in non-manufacturing industries - like banking...)

Of interest to your manufacturing and distributor client....

The Value Stream Map and other templates for Lean Inventory process improvement. 

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